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Host community agreements approved for Flower Xpress and Bred Genetics

The Selectboard in Colrain, MA, made a significant decision by approving two host community agreements with a new marijuana cultivator and retail delivery service. Bred Genetics, the cultivator, will operate an impressive 85,000 square-foot outdoor cultivation facility and another 15,000 square feet of indoor cultivation space. Flower Xpress, on the other hand, will be a delivery service that provides retail marijuana based on the same site as Bred Genetics' farm. The agreements come as a result of careful consideration and joint efforts to promote the growth of the industry while ensuring that it aligns with the expectations of the community. It is expected that these companies will bring substantial economic benefits to the town through job creation and other ancillary services. Bred Genetics, for instance, has informed the town that they will be growing pesticide-free cannabis plants. According to their CEO, they wish to see their farm become as organic as possible, not just to be a good neighbor but also for the good of the environment. They intend to be a partner to their neighbors, the environment, and the industry at large. The Selectboard considered various factors when reviewing the agreements, including zoning, revenue sharing, and public safety concerns. They also sought to strike a balance between accommodating the cannabis industry and the values of the community. The Board acknowledged the positive effects these agreements would have on the local economy and has taken steps to make sure that all parties involved comply with the requirements of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. This decision shows that communities and the cannabis industry can work together to empower each other. It also recognizes the importance of responsible cannabis business practices that prioritize the health of the people and the environment. In conclusion, the Selectboard's approval of the two host community agreements is a significant step in the growth of the cannabis industry in Colrain. It shows that the industry can coexist with the community, and that collaboration between the two can lead to a responsible and prosperous future.

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