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The Farm

Discover the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation in the breathtaking beauty of Western Massachusetts, where we're cultivating a cannabis experience like no other. Our commitment to advanced science and technology is evident in everything we do, from handpicking the finest genetics to refining each strain in our in-house lab. With every sun-grown, organic harvest carefully tended to by our expert team, we're proud to showcase the true potential of open-air cultivation. And as we build our 15,000 square-foot indoor facility, we invite you to join us on this immersive journey and witness the future of cannabis firsthand.

Experience the ultimate fusion of nature's artistry and scientific cultivation at our site in Western Massachusetts. Explore our stunning imagery and get lost in the breathtaking scenery.




We finalize our licensure application with the CCC, and start to plan for our first outdoor grow in late spring/early summer.

Flower Xpress is born, a new and innovative cannabis company revolutionizing the industry.

The town of Colrain approves our Host Community agreement.

Flower Xpress finds its home in Colrain, MA. Nestled in the hills of the eastern Berkshires, the farm provides the perfect landscape for our plants to thrive.

Plans, design, and initial construction of our 15,000 square-foot indoor grow facility begins.

We form a diverse team made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about the healing properties of cannabis, and quickly got to work.

Our Journey

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